Bucaramanga, Colombia. Siul Flores is an alumnus of mine at the International Bible Institute of Texas (IBIT). Siul is Venezuelan, but due to the crisis in his country, he had to immigrate to Colombia. He works with a church of the Lord in this beautiful Colombian city of Bucaramanga.


Brother Siul has a vision to create discipleship teams that are local, national, and then international. His vision is to create a team of evangelists who can evangelize and train others to this end. To do this, Siul has selected certain classes that have to do with general biblical knowledge and classes that have to do with practice. He wants to equip people to learn to evangelize and that will also teach others to do the same.


Genesis Alliance participates in working with him in coaching him towards his vision and also participating in the development of strategies to achieve these goals.


Jarvin and Adriana Villazar reside in the same city of Bucaramanga. Like Siul, this couple has a vision of reaching, equipping, and sending young people to reach other young people. The vision of this couple was born because of the great need to reach these young people who are trapped in drug addiction, drug trafficking and organized crime in general.


The training is currently underway in a different congregation. As a next step, they plan to take this training to other congregations in different cities of Colombia through video conference. By leveraging this training by video conference, they will be able to get to different places and thus, be able to form youth teams in different cities as God allows.


My involvement with Jarvin and Adriana has been to help them in defining the vision and through ways that can be beneficial to them in reaching this vision.


Please join these visionary couples in prayer so that they can take the gospel to the youth in these areas and beyond.


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