Bernabe Saravia Nicaragua



I have been working with leaders from Nicaragua and it has been great. They get the message and turn around and do the work.  As a result, more than a dozen churches has been planted in the last 4 four years with them.


In Tipitapa, Nicaragua we have seen some of the best growth. In the summer of 2018, I met Brother Bernabé Saravia. After he received our training, he started with a vision for Tipitapa, but it has grown to be a vision to reach the entire country. In these 4 years we have seen the mission of Christ advance through Brother Barnabe and a team that has put together. They have advanced and have reached 5 cities where they are planting new churches. These new workers have created their own goals for their own cities. With the goals of each of them, they encouraged to form teams to achieve better results.


This has required duplication of Brother Barnabe. One of the duplications has been through Brother Arnaldo Rojas. Brother Rojas created his own vision called "Discipleship 72." Their goal is to train new Disciple-makers. This has required him to travel to train groups in all 5 cities. Now they are working to bring the power of the gospel so that in each of the 153 municipality of Nicaragua there is at least one church.


Nicaragua is suffering from a shortage of resources caused by the administration of President Daniel Ortega. This is leading many families to emigrate to other countries. In effect, Brother Barnabe took the opportunity that the United States is offering to Nicaraguans to immigrate. Brother Barnabas is now participating in the direction and training via videoconference from the city of Houston.


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