The Metro100 Project

Planting new churches in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex to reach all generations of Latinos.

  • New churches according to studies, reach four times as many people as established churches. Different kinds of churches are needed. The gospel doesn’t change, but our methods must be contextualized to the people we are reaching.
  • Metro100 targets the Latinos from diverse countries living in the DFW Metroplex. The majority of the Latino population has been born in the United States and speaks English. They still hold close to their hearts their heritage and culture. Sixto Rivera and Genesis Alliance understand that heritage.
  • Metro100 unites a team, a group of people, with a focus on the great commission of Jesus to make disciples of all the nations. Many of those nations have moved in among us and we are neighbors.


  • With over 1,746,000 Latinos in the DFW Metroplex, it is essential that we form a team and cooperate in this effort to reach them. The more we share financial and human resources, the more adept we will be to take the abundant life of Jesus to this group of people whom God has brought close to us.

What to Expect from Metro100

To create a church planting movement across the Metroplex by 2021.

To create new churches that will create new churches, who in turn will reach more people.

To create a place where young men and women from across the USA can come for an internship and learn how to make disciples.

To establish different kinds of churches that are needed, in the context of the people being reached by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

To connect cultures through Christ — between different ethnic groups, diverse Latino countries and different generations of Latinos.


Wilmer Rivera-Disciple Maker

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Luis Olivo-Disciple Maker

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