Two Locations that have served as starting centers in the Genesis Alliance's Mission has been in Dallas and El Salvador. From here we share with other countries in Central America and Mexico.



Alexander Yacon


El Salvador is where we have done the most missionary work. Today we are following up on the churches that are already established. The last church we started was last year in the city of Cojutepeque. This church was started by Brother Oscar Pitan from Guatemala with Brother Alexander Yacon. Brother Pitan returned to Guatemala and the new church is being cared for by Brother Alexander.

Oscar Pitan

In El Salvador we have a presence throughout the country. We have planted churches in the three zones (Central, West and East) that covers the country. We have worked and helped 28 churches to establish themselves in the growth of them. Today my involvement is mostly in advancing and helping them to cross challenges that are presented to them. However, there is much work to be done, there are many cities and towns where we need to carry the saving message of Christ Jesus.


Brother Pitan, having returned to his country, has joined a new work in the city of Monjas. He is advancing in the work where he has already had baptisms. This is a city where there is no church of the Lord. Brother Pitan is experienced in disciple-making in Guatemala. He has personally planted churches and led other workers to plant new churches.


Oaxaca, Mexico. Hector Ramirez is a person with about three decades as a preacher of God's word. I met him earlier this year and immediately gave him training on how to pray for new communities. He and his wife Guie gave themselves fully, and the results came immediately. In the last 8 months he has baptized 45 people.


In the last 4 months they moved to another city, Rio Grande, Oaxaca. He is establishing a new church with the support of some brothers in this city. This is one of the new churches we are planting in Mexico


Thank God, these three countries: El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico are enjoying good growth in connecting with the lost. Your prayers for these workers are necessary and greatly appreciated.


One of the best works of this year has taken place in the city of Houston. About 18 months ago a sister of mine told me that I needed to meet Daniel Ayoung. Which I did, and I was impressed by the passion this brother has for God's work. I was scheduled to give a training at the South Houston church. So, I invited Daniel to participate in it.


Daniel was meeting at that time with West Houston Church. But in July of last year, he moved to work with the Impact church. From July to December, he helped 54 people give their lives to Christ. Having had this result, Daniel set a goal of doubling this number of baptisms for this year. The year is not over, and brother Ayoung has surpassed this goal with more than 120 baptisms.


This has been noticeable in other churches in Houston and now he works with more people from different congregations.


While the U.S. is experiencing a decline in many churches, we are seeing a growth in Hispanic communities' interest in God. This encourages us to continue imparting what God has given us: coaching, counseling, and mentoring.


Please continue to pray for us and please consider supporting us with your contributions to continue in advancing the kingdom from the United States to Argentina.



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