Kevin Rivera

It is satisfying to see how cities in the United States are joining our missions. Here are some references, your benefit, on how the kingdom is advancing.


Kevin Rivera is leading a dynamic group of teens and young adults.  They are constantly connecting with young people in need of salvation and a community of Christians where they feel like they belong. Among the young people reached was a young man who was in a depressive state. Two young women prayed and fasted on his behalf. In just a week’s time, this young man was contemplating taking his own life. But thanks be to God he was reached out and he later was born again in Christ.


Over the past few months, we have been helping a church in Sulphur Spring, TX. We have given them trainings on how to go out and pray in communities for new people to be freed from the chains of sin. In addition, we have gone to support these brothers by praying in the communities with them. We look forward to seeing growth in this congregation.


Last year, as well as this year, we have worked on trainings and guiding a group of Christians so that they could establish themselves as a church in Colorado Spring.  Having gained strength, they were able to form and today they serve as the only Hispanic Church of Christ in this city.

Daniel Ayoung


One of the best works of this year has taken place in the city of Houston. About 18 months ago a sister of mine told me that I needed to meet Daniel Ayoung. Which I did, and I was impressed by the passion this brother has for God's work. I was scheduled to give a training at the South Houston church. So, I invited Daniel to participate in it.


Daniel was meeting at that time with West Houston Church. But in July of last year, he moved to work with the Impact church. From July to December, he helped 54 people give their lives to Christ. Having had this result, Daniel set a goal of doubling this number of baptisms for this year. The year is not over, and brother Ayoung has surpassed this goal with more than 120 baptisms.


This has been noticeable in other churches in Houston and now he works with more people from different congregations.


While the U.S. is experiencing a decline in many churches, we are seeing a growth in Hispanic communities' interest in God. This encourages us to continue imparting what God has given us: coaching, counseling, and mentoring.


Please continue to pray for us and please consider supporting us with your contributions to continue in advancing the kingdom from the United States to Argentina.



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